Are plastic windows a good choice for the home? Check!

White plastic windows have become a very popular solution among users. This type of window joinery has a number of properties that make it solid, durable and comfortable. Check which plastic windows we choose most often.

Plastic windows – advantages and disadvantages

Due to the exceptional durability, plastic windows deserve the attention of customers who value high quality workmanship. Properly installed PVC windows are distinguished by high tightness, which means that they perfectly limit the air supply from outside. These types of windows will certainly appeal to those who want to save heat and reduce their heating bills. Thanks to high thermal insulation and sound insulation, plastic windows will be returned to users after a few years.

The advantage of PVC windows is that they cost less than wooden or aluminum windows. High resistance to weather conditions and humidity makes plastic windows much more durable than wooden windows. In addition, they are non-flammable and easy to keep clean. It is worth remembering that plastic windows are not only white profiles. The manufacturers’ offer includes cheap custom-made windows in green or red. Windows with imitation wood profiles are also available.

One of the disadvantages of plastic windows is that they cannot be repaired in case of damage. For roof windows, we won’t have much choice because they have limited shapes. If there is not adequate ventilation in a given room, then we can notice water vapor that condenses on PVC

What to look for when choosing a PVC window?

A very important issue is the profile class, which determines the insulation and acoustic parameters of the plastic window. Their durability is determined by the symbols A, B, C, where A stands for the highest class. When choosing PVC windows of a lower class, you must take into account the lower durability and stability. Cheap plastic windows have thinner walls, which is why they are particularly susceptible to deformation.

Another factor that we can not ignore when choosing a PVC window is the heat transfer coefficient. The lower its value, the lower the heat loss. In addition, we should pay attention to waterproofness, air permeability and wind load resistance of the PVC window. If you live near high-traffic areas, then you need to pay attention to the joinery, which is characterized by greater sound insulation. A higher Rw value will translate into quieter in your home. Equally important is the right choice in this regard when it comes to balcony doors.