Be Careful About Your Colors! – Part 2

This is actually the continuation to ‘watch your colors! Part 1.’


Here will we discover the color that’s associated with cleanliness, energy, nature and vitality. Despite the fact that all parents recognizes that after letting their children go participate in the garden or around the block they will return absolutely filthy we forever link nature with this that is ‘clean’.

‘Green energy’, ‘green planet’, ‘living green’, ‘going green’, many of these phrases think of ‘clean’ living when should you be actually to actually ‘live green’ I guarantee you would be ‘ripe’ within a few days.

When utilizing this color make certain that you’re advertising items that promote health, nature or some holistic method things. And if you are advertising a power drink or some kind of natural extract this can be a color to incorporate for some inexplicable reason should you ask someone what color the term ‘zing’ gives mind it might almost always be eco-friendly (or that’s another story).


this really is clearly one that evokes feelings of happiness, children playing, pleasure, light and all sorts of beautiful things in existence. I’ll not explain why sunlight is regarded as yellow when it is clearly without color but on the other hand should i?

The reality is this can be a color for use when a feeling of fun, playfulness and happiness will be evoked. What color would be the Burger king golden arches? Exactly.


i’ll deal briefly with orange. This color started getting used in advertising later than these basically because it’s kind of ambiguous. Essentially it ought to be a mixing from the feelings of happiness/playfulness (yellow) and performance/danger (red) here is both trouble with it and why it’s getting used.

When confronted with those who ‘live existence around the edge’ then danger is playful and that’s why the thing is this color in motocross, super-bikes, energy drinks, ‘suped-up’ cars e.T.C.

Nowadays although it has started sneaking into more mainstream advertising. For instance consider the new Gillette fusion line, what colors are utilized? Blue and orange.

Blue is really a color that suggests calmness/solidity and orange implies standing on the advantage what exactly performs this fusion of color within the campaign mean? ‘We’re still the same kind of Gillette (eliciting calmness) however we are living around the edge! (Excitement)’

Lastly I am likely to very briefly mention a couple of ways to use some obscure colors though leaves the causes of them.

Deep crimson implies mystery and mystique. If utilized in a billboard it might be more appealing to older women than every other demographic.

Lilac or light crimson is psychologically associated with perfumes however it should also be stated it does envision visions of linens.

Use cyan when advertising holidays especially towards the tropical places.

Silver ought to be employed for tech adverts.

Gold is indeed a color I would not advise using unless of course maybe for Godiva promotions.

In conclusion I’ll simply state that they are my views and encounters using these colors therefore ought to be taken as might not fact.

Go for it, test out what there’s and you never know maybe you will be the main one to interrupt a brand new color to the advertising world. Chartreuse may be the new staple for road signs because of you!

Happy days & better nights buddies.