Bideasi – Revolutionizing Sale and Marketplaces

Explaining The Bideasi Concept

There are a variety of important Bideasi features to know before you comprehend the Bideasi concept.

The Bideasi Catalog

Every Bideasi member and Bideasi staff can lead towards the catalog. The catalog contains products produced by everybody. Bideasi presently has over 23,000 products on the website, that have been supplied by various companies, from bathroom manufacturers to auctions. So, how come the catalog exist? The catalog enables any people to produce a new auction from existing products within the catalog. Why so much interest? Unlike eBay where you need to make your products on your own which wastes time even when some people are coming up with similar auction listings, Bideasi holds a depository of products within the catalog so it’s far faster to produce a bidding.

Buyer Results In A Buy Item Auction

The customer are now able to look for a product within the Bideasi catalog and make up a new buy item auction once they discover the exact item. Or, when the item does not appear in the catalog they are able to simply produce a new catalog item. Whenever a new buy item auction is produced it’s important for that buyer to create a requested cost from the item, which should be no under a collection % from the guide cost.

What’s the guide cost for?

Reverse auctions are wonderful simply because they supply the sellers having a ready-made market, they are ideal for buyers because buyers have a tendency to end up with good bargains but sellers makes hardly any profit since the cost constantly drops as sellers compete against one another. So reverse auction websites don’t attract sellers and without attracting both consumers, such websites can’t be effective.

This is when the guide cost becomes important. It identifies an industry cost for that product, that is presented to Bideasi by Bideasi people. People can dispute guide prices and should provide evidence of exactly what the guide cost needs to be, like a website address that advertises exactly the same product. Bideasi will investigate proof provided and can come to a decision of the items the guide cost is going to be. The ultimate decision of the items the guide cost is placed at is definitely produced by Bideasi. Initially this method is going to be time intensive for Bideasi, but we plan to establish cost feed mechanisms from retailers and distributors for a lot of products to instantly update our guide prices.

The needed cost set through the buyer should be on the set % from the guide cost. If your seller concurs to give the buyer the needed cost, the customer will receive a bargain. When the seller has little competition using their company sellers, the vendor will probably sell in a greater profit near to the guide cost.

Cost negotiations can continue between Seller and buyer until a cost is agreed.

All people once they join can invite their buddies and may earn for each invite can produce a profile which may be instantly posted to Google to advertise their Bideasi profile and buy online.

Stopping Last Second Buying

The customer can accept the sale cost produced by the vendor at any time meaning the auction can finish sooner than scheduled. This stops the problem occurring on eBay whereby the auction shows up for seven days and all sorts of putting in a bid occurs within the last couple of minutes or seconds from the auction. Therefore the buyer will get their products faster, sellers take advantage of a faster change of merchandise and Bideasi sell products faster, which all increases the profitability for the sellers and Bideasi. Consequently this helps Bideasi to compete against eBay.


Bideasi attempts to attract both consumers. Buyers aren’t billed for Bideasi services and both consumers can usually benefit from good and fair prices.

Listed here are other major benefits:

1. Sellers are just billed for effective auctions and aren’t billed for listing products on Bideasi.

2. Like several reverse auctions sellers are supplied having a ready to use market of buyers.

3. Sellers should receive fair prices for his or her products, because buyers are needed to create realistic beginning prices.

4. Bideasi provides many free websites that reduces wasted time listing products, supplying feedback, delivering emails and complimentary messages in the finish from the purchase. Reducing wasted time is essential to business sellers, that will further attract sellers from eBay to Bideasi.

5. Bideasi supplies a better fee structure than eBay. Actually most services have the freedom on Bideasi, and Bideasi rewards people with preferential charges for greater positive feedback scores.

To summarize Bideasi tackles 3 primary issues:

1. Bettering the eBay concept

2. Reduces wasted time

3. Supplies a better fee structure.