How do I secure my home after purchase?

A purchased property is often the most valuable asset we own, so it is not surprising that we try to ensure by all means that no unauthorised person trespasses on it. There are several ways to protect it, and in this text, we will present some of the simplest and most popular methods on securing a flat after purchase.

Replacing the locks

A vital action, one of the first we do when buying a flat, especially on the secondary market, is to replace the existing locks. We are never sure to whom the previous owner gave the keys to the property, resulting in an unexpected visit of an uninvited guest. It is better to guard against this and replace them immediately.

Fitting a burglar-proof door

In addition to replacing the lock, it is also essential to have difficult doors to break through even for an experienced burglar. Having additionally secured anti-burglary wings will be an obstacle deterring people who are potentially interested in easy access to the inside of the flat. If possible, it is worth using doors with the highest possible security class, which will provide more effective protection, especially if you have precious items inside.

An installed alarm

Another way of securing a flat after its purchase and installing an alarm system. Thanks to this, any potential intrusion should be quickly detected, and the alarm system will signal an intruder attempt to appear inside. Nowadays, many systems can inform the owner of the danger very quickly in a remote manner.

Burglar-proof windows and roller shutters

Burglars may try to get into a property by various means, which is why it is worth securing a flat after purchasing it, taking into account the many methods of breaking into the property. For this purpose, it is worth getting reliable windows and roller blinds, which are additionally equipped with an anti-burglary function.

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