How to seal a roof window?

If the roof window is installed in a finished roof, the fragment of the cover and, if necessary, the undercoat should be removed. Depending on the type of coverage, the hole in the roof is made by removing ceramic or cement tiles, or cutting the hole in the roofing made of metal roofing tiles or shingles with the required dimensions.

When cutting a hole in the roof, we have to cut all its layers. After removing the fragment of the cover, the FWK foil laid under it is cut into a cross, and after mounting the roof window frame its edges are nailed to the sides of the frame. The tightness of the frame mounting will ensure a careful fixing of the flange adapted to the type of roofing.

Its upper and side edges should be under the cover, while the lower edge should be turned over the top of the roof. In the places provided by the manufacturer, gaskets must be placed and, if necessary, the joints must be sealed with flexible compound. In insulated roofs, it will be necessary to properly shape the insulation material and ensure the continuity of the vapor barrier and the vapor-permeable insulation.

The functionality of the roof window is also determined by the way it is finished from the inside of the room. Most often, the window recess is covered with a plasterboard or paneling. In order to ensure proper air circulation near the window surface, the bottom plane of the opening should be perpendicular to the floor, while the upper one – parallel.