Plastic windows – application and types

Types of plastic windows due to the way they are opened

Plastic windows, like wooden and aluminum windows, are mainly divided into the way they are opened. Among the traditional single-leaf windows, there are plastic single-wing tilt and single-wing tilt windows on the market.Among typical multi-wing plastic windows, we find double-leaf windows with one tilt sash and one tilt, double-leaf asymmetrical tilt and turn window. In addition, three-leaf plastic windows with two tilt and turn sashes are also common. If you are planning to replace windows, this renovation cost calculator will allow you to estimate the budget for this purpose: double vs triple glazing.

A specific type of plastic windows are windows and balcony doors. We can find single-turn tilt balcony doors, two-door balcony doors with one tilt and one tilt door, three-door balcony doors with one tilt door and two tilt and turn rooms. A specific type of PVC terrace and balcony doors are sliding doors. They can have two quarters, among them one sliding and one fixed or three quarters, and among them one sliding and two permanent.

In addition to these types of plastic windows, we can also find glazed plastic external doors, which can be single-leaf or double-leaf. There are also single solid plastic ones that cannot be opened. You can also see windows that rotate open.

Division of plastic windows due to their use and construction

Plastic windows can also be divided due to their use and construction. Most often we find standard vertical windows. They are widely used in the vertical walls of buildings. Among them, a specific type of windows are balcony and terrace doors and windows.

Roof windows, also known as roof windows, are another type of plastic windows due to their use and construction. Windows of this type are characterized by a specific angle of inclination, which is adapted to the angle of the roof. A specific type of roof windows are elbow windows, which are installed both in the roof slope and in the elbow wall. If you are looking for more advice, check also articles about PVC windows collected here.

In terms of use and construction, we can also distinguish plastic basement windows. In addition, at the customer’s special request, companies producing plastic windows can make PVC windows of any shape and size.

Division of PVC windows due to sealing

Another feature by which plastic windows are classified is the type of sealing between the window frame junction and the sash frame. There are plastic windows with a central seal marked with the MD symbol and plastic windows without a central seal marked with the AD symbol.

The most important difference between PVC windows type AD and MD is therefore the number of rebate gaskets that seal the connection of the frame and sash frame, and the proper contact surfaces of these frames. In the case of AD-type PVC windows, there are two rebated gaskets, while in the case of MD-type PVC windows, there may be or even three rebated gaskets.

A specific type of plastic windows are also those that meet a number of demanding criteria for energy-efficient and passive construction. Well installed windows of this type effectively prevent thermal bridges.

Upvc windows

Plastic windows are one of the three most common types of window joinery along with wooden and aluminum windows. PVC windows are characterized by excellent thermal and acoustic insulation parameters. Plastic windows are also characterized by very good mechanical and technical parameters. They can be successfully used in single-family homes, flats in blocks of flats and in offices, shops and other places of business activity. Plastic windows are most often found in the characteristic white color. However, we have the option of choosing the fittings and colors of PVC windows, which can be very similar to wooden windows. For demanding customers, PVC windows can also be found in energy-saving and passive building standards.