Roof windows maintenance

Roof windows do not require much preparation for the winter season. However, it is worth following a few rules to ensure their trouble-free operation.

Roof windows do not require special preparations for the winter period. Regular cleaning and periodic maintenance are the main treatments. We suggest what to pay special attention to.

Washing roof windows

Washing roof windows is, of course, analogous to washing facade windows and is no more complicated than it is. Most windows are equipped with fittings that allow you to rotate the sash by 180ยบ (it is worth checking before buying the window). Thanks to this, we have convenient access to the outside of the window.

To clean roof windows, use appropriate means (although traditional vinegar works very well). It is important not to use sharp cloths, scratchers, etc. to clean any parts, because we will scratch them. We also do not use bleaching agents or preparations containing various abrasive substances to clean the frames, because we can cause damage to the coating and in the long run – we will achieve the opposite of the intended effect.

Roof windows maintenance

Maintenance of roof windows comes down to taking care of gaskets and fittings. Gaskets are a part of windows that are particularly vulnerable to damage during winter, which is why they should be maintained before winter. As a result, they will be flexible throughout the entire life of the windows. It is worth using silicone lubricants or technical vaseline for gasket maintenance.

Hinges in roof windows should be lubricated with grease every few years:×118-incl-flashing-roof-window-skylight-copy/

Housekeeping around the window

It is recommended to remove leaves and any other impurities from the sealing collar. It is worth doing especially before winter. In late autumn, when sunny weather is rare, the external awnings should also be rolled up. They will be needed only in the spring to protect the room from heating in hot weather.

In areas with heavy snowfall, long-standing snow should also be removed. This reduces the risk of freezing melting snow on the bottom element of the window (and thus eliminates the possibility of any leaks).

Can snow and ice be dangerous to windows?

Roof windows are perfectly adapted to all weather conditions. External flashing and toughened glass protect the window against snow and ice. The snow layer on the windows prevents them from opening. However, this does not pose a threat to the window or users. In the event of prolonged retention of the snow cap window, it is not recommended to open the window, as there is a risk of freezing the seals and attempting to open the window may result in their damage.

Painting roof windows

When buying wooden windows, you should be aware of the fact that every few years you will need to refresh and coat, i.e. simply paint. You don’t have to do this every year. For example, as a standard, FAKRO roof windows are painted with ecological acrylic lacquer in natural color. Re-painting the window should be done with acrylic varnish every 2-5 years depending on its operating conditions. It is a task that we can easily handle alone.