T-shirt conquers the fashion world

Trends and universality rarely go in pairs, but not this time! T-shirt with inscriptions can become a base of many stylizations for different occasions. It is inexpensive but effective and incredibly fashionable! We chose the best models from UK chains and prepared a handful of inspirations with ready stylizations.

From the street to the catwalk and back – T-shirt conquers the fashion world

From Paris to New York – T-shirts with slogans are everywhere. Content phrases have become a popular trend used on the catwalk by designers who have so far differed in styles. Dior, Victoria Beckham, Moschino, House of Holland, Michael Kors, Courreges – these are just some of the brands that have decided to “express themselves” on the catwalk. T-shirt with the inscription ceases to be anonymous, but adapts to the style of its author.

The inscriptions on T-shirts most often refer to the slogans of feminism, the struggle for freedom, fashion as a system, love, and humor. Designers combine them with every possible piece of clothing: jeans, leather jackets, elegant suits and even haute couture skirts. Not long ago, no trend was so charismatic and at the same time so easy to implement for the average consumer.

The creative director of the fashion house Dior – Maria Grazia Chiuri is considered a pioneer of fashion for T-shirts with inscriptions. She conquered the world with a white T-shirt with the words “We should all be feminists”. You can read more about the phenomenon of this T-shirt in the article The Most-Popular T-shirt of the season – see why it is so special. The feminist slogan worked on other designers like water on the mill. The machine started, and there were a lot of blouses with similar phrases in stores.

Interesting T-shirts found in the Sinsay and Reserved collections. Most of them are kept in the popular colors on the catwalks: white, black and gray. It is also worth paying attention to the proposals in the fashionable colors of the season, for example powder pink or navy blue grenade. The more catchy the password, the better, but not only the subtitles count. Fashionable are also prints with a yearbook (especially those referring to the 80s and 90s) and inscriptions in the style of “Dirty dancing” (slanted, as written right away). Also large logos of brands that are associated with being “cool” have returned to fashion. In the Reserved collection, for example, we found a blouse with an old school Pepsi trademark.
What to wear a white T-shirt?

Italian blogger Chiara Ferragni is one of the biggest fans of T-shirts with subtitles. We got eye-catching stylization with a leather skirt. The sporty and rock character of the stylization is complemented by sunglasses in the 90’s. Blouse should be put in a skirt (or pants) – then the legs will look longer. It’s worth to dare to have strong colors in combinations with the white T-shirt. Red is now extremely popular, but stylization in a similar way will enliven bile, green or blue.
T-shirt in work and party designs

T-shirts with inscriptions can be worn not only for sport, but also in elegant work or party designs. All you have to do is connect the fashionable blouse with trousers and a jacket. It also looks great to elegant pencil skirts or cigarillos. The style is complemented with high heels – they will give the whole a chic character. Take a large bag with you to work, but change it into an elegant clutch bag for the party. Lips emphasize with strong red.