Wedding dresses How to dress for a wedding

The heat is slowly getting done, the frosts go into oblivion. Soon we will hang our jackets and coats to the wardrobe, we will exchange them for more airy dresses. Soon, the wedding season will start fully. Each of you will not know what dress is best put on and panic begins. What length of dress to choose for your height, whether this color of the dress will match my skin, etc.
Below you will find a few basic rules that will help when choosing dresses for a wedding, it is worth to read them before buying.
Choosing a color

It’s best to avoid the white color and its derivatives, so ladies really like the color white, but on this day, leave it to the bride in the end is her day. Choose different colors, many colors are fashionable this season. Wedding dresses in light pink will be extremely fashionable, in my opinion it will be a hit. If you do not like this color, a good alternative will be cobalt or beige or more feminine or red. These colors are universal and over time. Every woman will look attractive in them.
On this joyous day, avoid the black color. You are finally going to the wedding, not the funeral. Leave the black dress in the closet, choose the one with a more vivid color.

wedding photo


And as for the extras on this day, of course, they will be appreciated. Additions are best suited to the color of the dress, not the same colors will match every creation. It is best to choose a purse of the color of the dress or shoes, which will create a matching whole. Remember, never choose the opposite, add the accessories to dresses –
You can always afford other hat accessories – just see Princess Kate Middleton. He often chooses accessories for dresses that look great.

Choosing a universal wedding dress? Can it work?

By choosing a dress you can do it with your head too. A dress purchased for a wedding does not have to be for one occasion. Choose the one in which you will go to other celebrations and parties. Here are a few universal dresses for the wedding and not only (you can successfully set them up for family meetings, dates, communions, etc.)