What to look for when picking up your home?

Checking the condition of your home before collecting it is a must. If this is to be a place where you can live well and comfortably, there should be no faults before you move into the house. Here is a list of things to look out for when picking up your home.

Checking your home before pickup takes very little time compared to the time you will need to spend to fix unnoticed faults. Additionally, not paying attention to defects before moving in can result in the loss of a lot of money and nerves. To avoid this, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our list of things to look for when picking up your home.

Home pickup in the company of a specialist
Not all of us know the technical aspects related to the field of construction. In addition, home pickup can cause stress. People who are easily nervous and succumb to emotions should certainly not be alone when picking up their home.
Home collection should be preceded by a detailed examination of each nook and cranny. The home collection specialist will certainly have no problem advising whether the home is done carefully and correctly, and thus whether to agree to receive the home.

What to bring with you when picking up your home?
First of all, to pick up the house, it is worth dressing comfortably and wearing flat-heeled shoes. This is a very important moment that can affect your future comfort of life, so you should be in a good mood and full – although these tips sound funny, they really matter. When we are irritable we often make wrong and unreasonable decisions.
In addition, it is worth preparing and knowing the contract. If you do not decide on a professional home pickup service, we also recommend that you have building codes written on the page that clearly define what should be completed before handing over the house.

It’s not everything. If you are going to pick up the house yourself, be sure to bring:

  • ball – it doesn’t have to be big, but thanks to it you can check if the floors are level,
  • measuring tape – will allow you to check the length, width, gaps, etc.,
  • a spirit level – necessary to determine even surfaces,
  • angle bar – thanks to it you can check if the angles between the walls are even,
  • plumb – a weight hung on a string – it is used to check the position of tall elements,
  • tester – this is a flat screwdriver that is used to check the voltage.
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As you can see, home pickup must precede proper preparation. Once you get there, look around and check the aesthetics of the interior. If at first glance, nothing arouses suspicion, you can proceed to a thorough check of the house. The inspection can last up to 3 hours, but must be carried out meticulously. You can confirm receipt of your home only if you check:

  • are the room dimensions as provided for in the contract,
  • are the floors even
  • are the walls straight
  • are the windows and balcony tight,
  • Is the electrical installation working?
  • is there gas
  • whether the arrangement of water, sewage and heating points is well distributed,
  • was the optical fiber connected,
  • that the ventilation has been carried out correctly.

Home pickup is not the easiest task. Often, signing a home pickup report means that you have to pick up the keys, and if you do not report any faults before picking up the house, the contractor may refuse to correct them. Then comes another cost, much more than using a home pickup service with a professional.